The topic of sustainability is of great importance to us – and not just since today – as the Bavarian State Award for the Environment in 1987 proves.
Only those who respect and preserve the environment and diversity will be able to be successful in global competition in the long term.

Resource conservation through recycling

Recycling and reusing the recyclate for equivalent products is our top priority. The only way to conserve resources in the long term, is by not downgrading the recycled material obtained as a raw material for inferior products such as pallets.
That is why DR.FROHN relies on chemical reprocessing of the recyclate as part of an upgrading. Only in this way it was possible for us to develop very high-quality hazardous goods packaging with a high proportion of recycled plastic and to launch it on the market in 2017.
After the introduction of the European plastic tax, we are aiming for a realistic recycling share of 50% by 2027.

Reduction of CO2 emissions during transport and production

Our strategy of using production partners to produce very close to our customers significantly reduces emissions through short freight routes.
Together with our transport partners, we are also working on the development of large-capacity trucks with electric/diesel hybrid and hydrogen drives.

The use of special PE resins with a lower processing temperature also helps us to save around 10% in production energy.
At the request of major customers, we are happy to use green energy from hydropower for production.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

As a company, DR.FROHN appreciates the uniqueness of its employees and creates an environment in which everyone finds their place and can develop personally.
As part of our commitment to an inclusive culture, we create workplaces that respect the diversity of our workers and promote an inclusive culture.
It is just as important to us to guarantee professional equality for everyone that goes beyond purely symbolic measures to ensure equal opportunities.